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Personalized Custom Bags

Our personalized bags are perfect for toting your everyday essentials - from work to the gym and everywhere. We offer various style options to find the ideal bag for your needs. You'll find the perfect bag crafted from high-quality materials and with different custom finishing options. You'll be ready for anything with a Personalized Custom Bag from us!

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Custom Mylar Bags

Retail & Promotional Paper Bags and E-Commerce Packaging

There is no doubt that paper counter bags are a cornerstone of US retail stores. With the highest quality, Custom Boxes US offers any kind of Paper Packaging, promotional Paper Bags, and retail paper bags. The company can also provide a large inventory of plain Wholesale Paper Bags and Packaging. We use top-quality Eco-friendly material to manufacture Wholesale Bags.

Find Your Perfect Bag from Our Selection of Styles

We carry the widest variety of Paper Bags available across the USA. Our bags have bent handles made of paper and hold with flat taping. We also have a range of designer carriers made of paper with distinctive designs. We also have a large selection of different colored bags that can make your brand colors match and themes for your store. The brown bags we offer are the perfect choice if you are looking for a neutral look, and they are the most popular purpose amongst a myriad of companies like yours. We also cater to wholesale packaging requirements, so don't hesitate to contact us!

We've all the range you need if you're a retailer that sells products more suited to bags made of paper than plastic (such as confectionery, fruit, and vegetables). We do not just carry general-purpose bags like Gusseted and block-bottomed brown bags, but also tough 70gsm Kraft paper bags that have handles as well (available in white or brown). Ideal for markets as well as grocery and Hardware stores. We have strong counter bags in various shapes and sizes.

We Proudly Offer the following:

Paper Bags with Handles

Carrier Bag

Snowflake Paper Bags

Paper Counter Bags

Candy Stripe Paper Bags

Food Paper Bags

Popcorn Bags

Custom Mylar Bags

Patterned Counter Bags

Wine Bottle Bag with luxury Ribbon

Twisted Handle Bottle Bags

Luxury Rope Handle Bottle Bags

Kraft Bottle Bags

Polka Dot Counter Bags

Catering & Takeaway Paper Bags

Paper Bags with Windows

Paper Bags with Rope and Ribbons

Paper Carrier Bags

Our Bag Range for Color Lovers

White Paper Bags

Yellow Paper Bags

Green Paper Bags

Pink Paper Bag

Blue paper Bag

Orange Paper Bag

Black Matt paper bag

As a way to demonstrate your brand's environmental commitment, these bags are an excellent choice.

Why Choose Us?

Highest Quality Digital and Offset Printing

We Offer Hundreds of Standard and Custom Sizes

Made From High-Quality Materials

250 Bags are the Minimum Order

Wide Range Of Printing Add-Ones

Available In a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

A 100% Recyclable Product

Exceptionally Strong and Durable

Free and Fast Delivery

Save the Planet

Like with the use of Paper Bags, you are making an environmentally friendly, green decision. Customers are highly interested in this issue in the present and will frequently reward companies that demonstrate their commitment to making a change to be green. Paper Bags can be used as an ad campaign to show that your company is determined to meet future challenges and help the environment.

Need any Assistance?

We are happy to answer any questions or provide further information about our range of Paper Bags. If you would like to contact us, please call us or write an email, or you can get a free price quote.