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Custom Boxes US is a recognized name when it comes to providing the highest quality services in custom printed packaging boxes. We make use of superior materials and add special features that make our products unique. Our focus is on customer service and the quality of the end product. And this we have established as a benchmark of sorts in the industry.

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Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

We are not liable for any printing errors as long as our customers have provided the correct files, approved the design, and made the requested changes. We do not offer refunds or credit if your artwork differs from what you asked us to print. Our printed products may be the subject of copyright and trademark protection. Unless otherwise stated, all trademarks, service marks, and brand names belong to their respective owners. The following terms and conditions apply to any order placed with Custom Boxes US. By accepting our service agreement and by placing an order with Custom Boxes US. You agree that YOU WILL NOT hold Custom Boxes US representatives, agents, partners, or employees responsible for anything that occurs on Custom Boxes US!


If you find any error in your customized product. After receiving an error in your order, you must notify us about the error within three working days. Management can inspect the product. And we shall do the reprinting work without any money expense from the clients’ side. Moreover, photos of faulty products must be sent to us within a duration of seven days from the date of delivery. The payment you made for products that were delivered but did not sell will not be refunded. Normally, payment comes from organizations and private individuals interested in buying such products. And who wants them in their possession for the duration of their usage.


Our business is all about using state-of-the-art printing technology and applying it to any printing project or job. We are capable of meeting any of your printing needs, and our prices tend to be quite low, providing bigger savings on your projects and jobs. Our services include digital, offset, and wide format printing. But we also specialize in very high-quality letterpress printed materials, as well. In addition, we offer services in a number of formats that few other printers can provide. When you think about big-time savings, you should be thinking about Custom Boxes US.


In case you need to drop your request, you must notify us in writing via email within 12 hours from the time the request was placed. As many customers have not already paid the full amount to consolidate their order. We require that you complete the installment within 24 hours of putting the request. Or we reserve the right to cancel your request. Further, we do this to make sure that our experts get what they deserve for their assets and time.


The customer is responsible for proofing and approving the final document. Upon you have given your original record to the printer, it would be ideal if you check your first record for any errors. For example, layout, spacing, punctuation, image positioning, copying, and content printed.

Therefore, please check your artwork carefully to make sure you have the correct layout and colors, and that there are no typos or spacing errors. Hence, the printed colors will vary according to the color of the paper you have chosen, as well as screen vs. printing variations.


We are the leading printing service in the world. Our aim is to provide accurate, high quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Each of our professional graphic designers has extensive experience providing high-quality artwork and top-level services. We have provided these services all over the country. Further, we are your one-stop-shop for all custom boxes and packaging printing-related services. We customize any type of packaging product you want, by using our magical print machines, cutting tools, and other equipment with caring hands and the finest materials.

All our products undergo rigorous tests against standards set by clients before delivery. Further, customer satisfaction is never a challenge for us. Since we believe that each client offers us the chance to grow as a business. So we always strive to deliver the best possible services at the lowest possible prices with a zero-defect tolerance policy. In this way, we would continue to be a successful brand in America.